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About us

La Criolla is a traditional family owned estancia in Argentina. The family bought the land and Facilities from a British Company in 1953 and since then has managed cattle and agriculture. We host hunters and live in the ranch all year long. Parallel to the farming, since the 90's we started hosting more and more hunters that came to the area attracted by the province of Santa Fe known as a wing shooting paradise. Since 2002 the massive growth of the dove population and the arrival of a new generation made us take the decision to grow on the Lodging and Hunting operation.

Why Estancia La Criolla Lodge?

Our resort is family owned and operated which sets us apart, guaranteeing friendly hospitality with a dose of knowledge on how to run the hunting in the Santa Fe area.
Estancia La Criolla offers spacious accommodations, including private rooms with private bath, internet, spa services, fine Argentinean cuisine, safe modern vehicles, and a tennis court. Since 1953 we have run agriculture and cattle in the area. We grow 5,000 acres of agricultural land, including sunflowers, soybean, corn and winter wheat. We manage 1,800 heads of Braford and Brangus cattle in 10,000 acres of pastures.
In 2001, we took the step to refurbish our Classic Estancia by building private bathrooms in the 8 double bedrooms and decided to run our own lodge.
We not only have the land, but also the infrastructure of tractors, harvesting machines, horses, pick up trucks, a landing strip, water pumps and feed that the hunting sometimes requires. Beside this, when the birds migrate, we have access to nearby land to hunt. Our reputation from farming and cattle, and the fact that my father and I grew up in the area, makes it simpler and more efficient.
We provide hunting services to other lodges and hotels in the area that do not own land. We produce our own beef (that we also export),vegetables, malbec wine and train our bird dogs and horses all year round.
If you wonder how close to the action we are, the answer is in the middle of the dove roost and food, surrounded by pastures and cattle land that's perfect partridge habitat and depending on the anual rain, 15 to 60 min to the duck ponds.
One more thing: A stable team is always taking care of the hunting groups and guiding the perdiz and ducks, making sure the hunting is what the customers expect it to be.
All I describe makes the shooting and overall experience in Estancia La Criolla outstanding, unique and competitive.

Tomás Druetto